My Puppies come in a full range of colours.

But  I only tend to get the occasional really pale or
cream one. Although they start out

 quite cream  they tend to get more golden over the
first couple of years

          Mirror, Mirror

Kitty’s Puppies 07/09/09

One day old

kitty's pups one week 002
kitty's pups one week 004

  kitty's pups one week 009

One week old


2 weeks old eyes open and starting to hear

untitled untitled2 untitled3 untitled4

now 5 weeks old

2 days old

one week old

Now 2 weeks old their eyes have opened and they are just
starting to show signs of being able to hear.

3 Weeks old just starting to eat (or wear) solid food and up
on their legs

Now 4 weeks old, still feeding from Mom but also having 4 meals a day followed
by a drink of goats milk

Then sleeping it off!!

They are also now taking more notice of their surroundings.

Now 5 weeks old and finding it very hot

A boy
A girl

still hot

untitled untitled2

 3 days old

untitled1 untitled2 untitled3

One week old and looking orange because of the heat lamp.

untitled1 untitled2 untitled3 untitled4

2 weeks old, eyes opening and just starting to hear.

untitled1 untitled2 untitled3 untitled4 untitled5 untitled6

Now 3 weeks old and up on their feet, although still not that interested in me.

untitled1 untitled2 untitled3 untitled4 untitled5 untitled6 untitled7 untitled8

Now 5 and a half weeks and feeding well,

Tabby is now just feeding them three times a day




A Few Hours Old, blind deaf and totally reliant on their mom.

3 Days Old


     Now 2 weeks old,
their eyes are open and they are able to hear, but still only interested in mom. 

Today at 2 and a half weeks they have had their
first meal.

Feeding has been a messy tiring affair but they
are now getting quite good at it and are now eating more than they are wearing.

Up and about


But still spending most of their time asleep


and a handful for mom.

Now 4 weeks and interacting more with each
other and their visitors.

But still with plenty of peaceful moments!


Mom choosing to stand and feed them so that she
can then make a quick getaway. 

At 5 weeks and eating very well now,

Now released into the Puppy Room, these are
some of their ‘Stiller’ moments


Trying to keep cool around the water bowls.