Welcome to DIKEADAZE Golden Retrievers. A small family of
Golden Retrievers on the
Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire borders.
show my dogs, but I also work my show bred dogs to the gun, and train and
compete in working tests, winning at all levels.
I have made up 2 CHAMPIONS in the show ring one of which I
bred myself.
Also I have had 2 TOP PUPPIES in breed in the show ring,
One in 1992 and the other in 2004.
I try to breed intelligent agile Golden retrievers that
can work but also win in the show ring.
I also breed for temperament so that they make kind loving
family pets.

All the dogs that I breed from are Hip X-Rayed and Eye

If you would like more information on Golden
Retrievers a book edited by Maurice Shortman in the Best of Breed series,
published by The Pet Book Publishing Company, available from some Pet Shops
but also on Amazon, andĀ  for which I wrote a chapter in, may be of use.


The Golden RetrieverĀ  edited by
Maurice Shortman

I wrote chapter one and it also features
a Piece about myself and my dogs.